Ledgible Crypto Partner Program

Open a profitable new market in the growing crypto industry! We provide tools for pros to handle crypto tax in order to retain and gain clients.



Generate tax reports for clients that can be imported in most of the the major tax preparation software and also transaction reports that can be provided to clients for personal record keeping.

Integrated workflow provides visibility into exactly where each client is in the process. Know who’s stuck so you can provide a polite reminder or additional assistance


Our unique ability to provide current year gains & losses reporting up to the minute allows you to engage your clients with tax planning & advisory services around their crypto assets.


Advanced Capabilities

Ledgible is the best crypto platform made with the professionals in mind every step of the way.  Work with your client to get their cryptocurrency information in our platform free of charge. When you're ready to start reporting, we bill your client.

Supports 100+ exchanges and directly connect to major blockchains

Ability to add team members for maximum efficiency and restrict client access if necessary

Generate 10+ reports that can be recorded in major tax preparation software

Allows professionals and clients to work through getting the tax reports together

Unrealized gain/loss planning for the current year client advisory

Finds missing transactions to ensure all information that should be present is

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