Be a leader and open a profitable new market segment for your firm with the rapidly growing crypto industry! We make it easy for accountants, tax preparers and bookkeepers to handle the complexities of cryptocurrencies in order to retain clients that have or will use crypto.


Integrated workflow provides visibility into exactly where each client is in the process. Know who’s stuck so you can provide a polite reminder or additional assistance

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Professionals should anticipate 12 million filers who answer “yes” to the virtual currency question during the 2020 tax season. This is a new and quickly evolving space. That’s why we created the Ledgible Crypto Partner Program.

As a Ledgible partner you’ll receive information, support, and free access to the entire Ledgible platform including Tax Pro. You’ll only pay once you have collected from your clients.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay

Ledgible Tax Pro

Team Management

Tax preparation is a team sport with each member of the firm doing their part. Set-up and manage your team or limit access to your firms most confidential client’s information. 

Current Year Tax Planning for Client Advisory Services

Our unique ability to provide current year gains & losses reporting up to the minute allows you to engage your clients with tax planning & advisory services around their crypto assets. 


You and your clients can use the system simultaneously to review transactions or discuss year-end planning strategies.You can help them directly on their behalf as a value added service. 

Generate tax reports for clients that can be imported in most of the the major tax preparation software and also transaction reports that can be provided to clients for personal record keeping.

Supports Multiple Tax Software

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Wolters Kluwer


Ledgible is excited to partner with Wolters Kluwer to help firms integrate crypto tax into their Wolters Kluwer automated workflows. Clients connect their crypto transactions directly to Ledgible Tax Pro which calculates Gains, Losses and Income which feeds into Wolters Kluwer solutions. Together Ledgible and Wolters Kluwer are working to ensure your firm has the tools for success.

How it Works

Ledgible Tax Pro integrates seamlessly into your Wolters Kluwer tax workflow. When a client responds they have crypto, invite them to Ledgible Tax Pro where they enter their crypto transactions and submit back to the preparer. After review, generated reports are ingested into Wolters Kluwer solutions to complete the process.

Crypto Tax, Accounting, and Audit Software

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August 19, 2021