Ledgible Tax for Individuals

Our comprehensive cryptocurrency tax reporting is built based on the expertise of years of experience and feedback from pioneering work in the world of accounting for Blockchain assets and virtual currencies.

Crypto tax reporting ready for filing and record keeping

  • IRS Form 8949
  • Turbo Tax Import
  • TaxAct Import
  • Transaction Export
  • Income Export
  • Gift Export
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Transaction Matching &

Fee Accounting

Our industry exclusive capability allows you to automatically trace when holdings move between crypto wallets and exchanges and track the cost basis and also accounts for fees which ensures your returns are accurate.

Current Tax Year Planning allows you to monitor your crypto activity during the year and provides you with your tax exposure based on asset holdings and disposals. 

Current Year Planning




- 2 exchanges

- 1 wallet

- 200 transactions (all time)

- Access to all professional tax & income reports

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$10 per extra additional exchange or wallet

Transaction Count

200 - 1000 transactions (lifetime)


per 2500 transactions above 1000

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more than 100,000 transactions


over the included 200



with 250 transactions




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