Ledgible and U.S. Bank

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Viewer

U.S. Bank and Ledgible are collaborating to offer U.S. Bank users a digital asset portfolio viewer, allowing users to track and monitor all of their cryptocurrency holdings in a single, user-friendly dashboard. 
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Track and Monitor Crypto Assets

The Crypto Portfolio Viewer allows U.S. Bank customers to track their crypto assets and portfolio performance in a single dashboard.

U.S. Bank is committed to providing the best possible experience to customers. By participating in this pilot, you have the opportunity to try a cryptocurrency portfolio tool. Your participation enables U.S. Bank to evaluate services you might be interested in, collect feedback, and better serve customers’ needs.

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The Crypto Portfolio Viewer pilot is open to a limited group of U.S. Bank users. If you received a U.S. Bank signup code via email, you can click below to get started.
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Ledgible & US Bank Collaboration FAQ

Ledgible is an industry leader in secure, safe, and professional crypto data aggregation. Their systems provide independently audited and secure connections to your crypto data sources.
The Ledgible Platform is the preferred, professional-first cryptocurrency tax & accounting solution, with extensive offerings designed for enterprises, institutions, and banks.

Trusted financial institutions, corporations, and accounting firms use Ledgible globally for crypto tax, crypto accounting, and crypto audit for billions of dollars of crypto assets.
The Digital Asset Portfolio Viewer pilot between Ledgible and U.S. Bank gives U.S. Bank customers a complete view of their crypto holdings. The program is designed to give US Bank customers the tools they need to easily track and monitor their crypto portfolio.
Currently, the pilot integration with Ledgible is available to a select number of U.S. Bank customers. As the project evolves, the scope of the project could grow. You can stay tuned to this page for updates.
Currently, only a select few U.S. Bank customers are eligible for the Crypto Portfolio Viewer pilot program. If you have not received email-based communications from US Bank on your eligibility, you are not eligible at the present moment.

If you have received an invite from U.S. Bank but are still not able to sign up, you may be prompted to join a waitlist. You can stay tuned to this page for updates as the project evolves and for eligibility updates.

This pilot is built as a "Read-Only" platform, meaning that while U.S. Bank and Ledgible will be able to aggregate and compile your holdings into the Portfolio Viewer dashboard, there are no permissions that allow for sale, trade, conversion, or disposal of your digital assets. Ledgible is independently SOC 1 & 2 Audited on a continuing basis to ensure the highest level of data security.

All Crypto Portfolio Viewer users have access to Ledgible's top tier support staff in-app or via our client support portal, available here.

Ledgible are Experts in Tracking & Accounting for Cryptocurrency

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Accounting Firms

Ledgible enables monitoring transactions, managing users, and integrating to existing ledgers in order to account for cryptocurrency.
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Ledgible allows institutions to monitor crypto financials in one system, integrated with existing financial software and solving the crypto data challenge.
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Ledgible enables enterprise crypto portfolio management, including forensic discovery of assets from forks, airdrops, as well as detailed transaction analysis.

Explore the Latest Crypto Learning Content

In addition to building industry-leading software solutions for cryptocurrencies and digital assets, the experts at Ledgible curate a knowledge base of learning content around cryptocurrency. If you're seeking to learn more about cryptocurrency, digital asset accounting, or even understand the benefits of using particular exchanges or wallets, you can explore our knowledge base here.
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