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Ledgible To Add Integration With Uphold Exchange

By Verady News  /  August 29, 2019
Be on the lookout for our upcoming release with easy integration with the Uphold exchange (  Uphold will join our...
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Ledgible Supported Exchanges

By Verady News  /  August 24, 2019
Below you will find a list of crypto exchanges that we have integrated with the Ledgible platform.  The list is in...
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Ledgible Adds Multi Sig Wallet Capabilities

By Verady News  /  August 20, 2019
As a follow up to Ledgible‘s industry leading wallet support, we have now added multiple signature capabilities to HD/Xpubs wallets to...
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Ledgible Becomes First Certified Xero App Partner for Cryptocurrency Accounting

By Verady News  /  June 19, 2019
The seamless API integration enables small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers to save time, reduce complexity, and ensure accuracy by automatically...
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Ledgible platform assisting in stablecoin monitoring, verification and reporting with leading accounting firm Cohen & Company

By Verady News  /  May 7, 2019
Verady, the leading blockchain asset accounting, reporting, and verification company, is formally announcing its Ledgible platform feature for stablecoin monitoring.
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Verady on Blockchain Uses and Opportunities

By Verady News  /  March 3, 2019
"This is a fundamental change in terms of being able to use internet-based native cryptocurrency that is decentralized.”
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Accounting and Audit for Crypto-Assets

By Verady News  /  May 8, 2018
Payments & Cards Network Magazine
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Verady Ignites New Age of Digital Asset Assurance

By Verady News  /  February 26, 2018
Bitcoin Magazine  Despite the growing use of cryptocurrency, there still isn’t clarity around how it is treated for regulatory purposes....
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Technology Transforming Internal Audit Profession

By Verady News  /  February 18, 2018
Atlanta Business Chronicle (paywall) Professional accountants, including auditors, are facing a new world of technology that is rapidly changing how...
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Fintech Fund TTV Capital Makes Investment in Verady

By Verady News  /  February 13, 2018
PRNewswire ATLANTA, Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Verady announced an investment from TTV Capital, an Atlanta-based early-stage venture capital firm focused exclusively on investing in...
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Bo Shen, Blockchain Venture Capitalist, Joins Verady Board of Directors

By Verady News  /  January 25, 2018
PRNewswire ATLANTA, Jan. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Verady announced Bo Shen, founder of Fenbushi Capital and Blockasset Fund, has joined the Board of Directors...
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Acuity and Verady: Strategic Partnership to Solve Cryptocurrency Accounting

By Austin Steed  /  December 4, 2017
PRNewswire AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Verady, a blockchain accounting and audit technology company, has announced the launch of VeraNet and...
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Verady’s Vision for Asset Audits and Verification

By Austin Steed  /  November 21, 2017
Bitcoin Magazine The rise of bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies represents a watershed moment for the world of digital innovation....
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