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August 26, 2020

Cryptoasset Taxation, Tools and Outlook for the Accounting Profession

There are over $100 billion in crypto reported to date, with over $10 billion accounted for daily. Accountants need to be prepared for the influx of businesses and individuals that will soon be reporting their cryptoassets for taxation- amounting to over 1 million transactions per month, analyzed continuously. 

In the following video, Verady CEO Kell Canty presents a Webinar on Cryptoasset Taxation, Tools and Outlook for the Accounting Profession. Follow along with this 55 minute video for some useful tips, tricks, and tactics to greater prepare yourself for the growing presence of crypto and other related assets in the accounting field. Investing in this information now could give you a massive leg up on your competitors who are uneducated on the subject matter of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Kell Canty discusses the current landscape and how accountants can prepare for the future of crypto with Wall Street Blockchain Alliance. 

For more information on the current landscape of crypto taxation and tools head on over to our blog page or click here to give Ledgible Tax, a trusted partner of Thomson Reuters, a free trial. Our blog features a wide array of articles and news stories related to what's new and important in the cryptocurrency industry as well as accounting, and often tying the two fields together.

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