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Automatically Track and Organize your Crypto Assets

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Ledgible Dashboard
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Product Features

Navigate Easily

User Friendly

Built from the ground up to be quick, easy, and enjoyable to use


Data Exploration

Track growth and changes in your portfolio value and asset allocation over time


Data Export

Effortlessly export your transaction and order data to a standard file format


User Administration

User administration panel and user roles gives you full control over sharing your data

Accessible Accounting Tools from the Pioneers of Cryptocurrency Audit

Verady, the company behind Ledgible, has been a leader in the cryptocurrency space since 2014, building the enterprise-grade technology that handles financial assurance for the industry's most successful companies. Ledgible is the distillation of this experience into a simple, accessible software suite. Among its host of features, Ledgible offers:


Asset Tracking and Visualization

See an accurate snapshot of your portfolio value and asset allocation as of any date


Detailed On-Demand Reporting

One-click, consolidated reporting of your wallet transactions and exchange activity


Robust Exchange and Accounting Package Integration

Automatically pull trades and order history from nearly 20 supported exchanges - and be on the lookout for our upcoming integration with major accounting packages


$0 / month
  • Platform usage for up to 30 days.
  • Limited Address & Wallet Features.
  • Contact For Details.
$ 99 / month
  • Wallets limited by addresses and transactions.
  • Limited exchange API integrations.
  • Full data export capabilities.
  • Access to future features.
Contact For Details
  • Unlimited wallet Addresses.
  • Unlimited transaction volumes.
  • Unlimited exchange API integrations.
  • Access to all current and future platform features.