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September 10, 2020

Digital Assets and Decentralized Finance with Kell Canty

Verady’s CEO and Co-founder, Kelly Canty, had the honor of participating in episode 18 of the Georgia Fintech Academy where he discussed digital assets, defi, and how Verady has achieved success with Georgia State University’s Tariq Waseem.

Decentralized finance (also called "defi") has raised a lot of questions: Is it safe? Is it going to last? How do we responsibly confirm it? What are considered "taxable events?" The list gets longer every day.

But, regardless of level of personal trust, digital assets and decentralized finance are absolutely here to stay. The IRS has released a draft of the 2020 tax form that shows they have moved the question regarding digital assets and crypto from Schedule 1 to the first page of the 1040 so that ALL taxpayers are required to disclose their digital assets. Accounting and tax professionals need to be prepared.

In this podcast crypto expert Kell Canty discusses decentralized finance as he “unpacks” defi how it puts finance on the blockchain.

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