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July 6, 2022

How Ledgible and FIS are Bridging the Gap Between Crypto and TradFi

FIS and Ledgible have partnered to allow for firms in the Capital Markets space to aggregate, normalize, and ingest digital asset data into their existing systems. With dozens of middle and back-office systems across buy side and sell side firms, FIS is acutely aware of just how important this data can be to support an asset.

Most APIs and tools in the crypto space were built for consumer markets – this partnership and the resulting technology applications mark a paradigm shift in institutions’ abilities to handle crypto in their portfolios. In essence, crypto becomes just another asset class for firms through their existing tradfi tools.

In order to ensure true adoption of digital assets, ensuring that the path of that adoption can occur through existing, practical, and scalable solutions already in place in the FinTech space is paramount.

You can learn more about the solutions that Ledgible and FIS are building in a joint blog post on The Block


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