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Netsuite is a cloud-based accounting software that offers businesses a complete financial management solution. It includes features for accounting, inventory management, order management, and more. Netsuite also offers integrations with other business applications, making it a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, including those that need to ingest crypto data into their Netsuite application.

One of those integrations is with Ledgible - the preferred crypto tax and accounting platform of choice by tax professionals, CPAs, and accounting across the US.

Ledgible Crypto and Netsuite Integration

The Ledgible crypto platform fully integrates with Netsuite to allow for seamless integration of cryptocurrency tax and accounting data. Some of the reporting information Ledgible can supply to Netsuite are:

Capital Gains & Losses: Calculate aggregate crypto portfolio gains and losses based on on-chain activity, normalized to any supported fiat currency

Transaction Downloads: Export an exhaustive record of on-chain cryptocurrency transactions filtered by wallet, asset, and date

OFX Reports: Generate an OFX file containing transaction data for import to General Ledger systems including QuickBooks and Xero.

Exchange Orders: Pull detailed records of crypto asset movement, valuation, and positions on any supported exchange

Wallet Balances: Get day-by-day insight into historical changes to wallet balances and crypto asset valuation

If you are a professional or represent a company working to integrate cryptocurrency into your operations, then the Ledgible and Netsuite integration is perfect for your application. Register for a free trial by signing up here at no charge.

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