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Ledgible offers integrations with RightBTC, allowing users and traders to fully track their crypto earnings along with file necessary tax reporting on their cryptocurrency data. RightBTC integrates fully with the Ledgible crypto tax platform saving users hours of time compiling and collecting their data from various exchanges.

If you're looking for an affordable, simple, and secure (independently audited) crypto tax platform, you can take a look at what Ledgible offers users here.  Thanks to our professional integrations, if you work with a tax professional, Ledgible can either provide you with the necessary forms for tax filing or integrate with your tax professionals' tax software.

If you're curious about The Best Software to Track your Cryptocurrency Holdings, Check out our blog on the topic here. To learn more about Ledgible crypto tax solutions and how they can make filing taxes for transactions and crypto trades on RightBTC, click here.

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