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Ledgible has integrated with the ZCash (ZEC) blockchain, making tracking your cryptocurrency earnings quick and easy. Thanks to our seamless integrations with the Zcash blockchain, filing crypto taxes on your trades, swaps, mining, and other crypto transactions doesn't have to be difficult. With Ledgible, you can satisfy your crypto tax reporting requirements at the same time minimizing your overall tax burden

You can keep on track of crypto trades and taxes with Ledgible at no cost by signing up here. This time-saving tool is compatible with Zcash, so if you work with a tax professional or file your own taxes - Ledgible can either provide you with the necessary forms for tax filing and the crypto tax tool integrates with most leading professional and consumer tax software.

If you're interested in Ledgible’s crypto tax innovation with Zcash Blockchain, visit our mobile or desktop-friendly website to learn more about our crypto tax solutions. If you're looking for more information on what the cryptocurrency tax rate is or how taxes even work on cryptocurrencies, decentralized financial products, or blockchains like Zcash, you can read our blog on the topic here.

Ledgible Crypto Tax provides a wide range of reports to use with your tax preparer, tax prep software, or general record keeping.
Popular reports include:
  • IRS Form 8949: A standard 8949 tax from to be included in your 1040 submission.
  • TurboTax Import: A custom export file that can be imported into TurboTax.
  • Tax Act Import: A custom export file that can be imported into TaxAct.
  • Transaction Export: Export a record of on-chain cryptocurrency transactions and exchange orders in a uniform format.
  • Income Export: Export income transaction records from all of your sources.
  • Gift Export: Export on-chain cryptocurrency transactions and exchange orders that have been classified as gifts.
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