Ledgible Adds New Partnership with Wolters Kluwer CCH

December 13, 2021
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Ledgible is proud to announce a new partnership with Wolters Kluwer CCH! Wolters Kluwer is one of the largest tax and accounting firms in the world and thanks to this new partnership they will be using Ledgible to help manage their cryptocurrency financial data. Verady's CEO and Co-Founder Kell Canty called this deal a groundbreaking partnership for API Integrated Cryptoasset Data.

Thanks to this partnership with Wolters Kluwer, Ledgible powered by Verady is continuing to grow and expand our reach and ability to help people manage and report their cryptocurrency holdings. As cryptocurrency continues to expand and and change, Ledgible will be working hard to continue to adat and add more features and functionality to help support you and your cryptoasset data.

For more information on the current landscape of crypto tax, accounting, and audit technology, head on over to our blog page or click here to give Ledgible Tax a free trial. Our blog features a wide array of articles and news stories related to what's new and important in the cryptocurrency industry as well as accounting, and often tying the two fields together. Ledgible Tax software will provide you with all the tools you need in order to do all of your necessary crypto accounting.

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