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November 3, 2020

Crypto Assets at the Tipping Point

Crypto assets have seen highs and lows in recent years. Now they have reached a precipice which accountants can no longer ignore. The IRS continues to issue guidance regarding virtual currencies at a rapid pace and, to successfully adhere to that guidance, tax and accounting professionals need to have a basic understanding of crypto assets. They also need to have an understanding of the tools and resources available to help them navigate and thrive in these quickly changing waters. 

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Join Kell Canty, CEO and Co-founder of Verady, on Monday, November 9th, as he discusses the evolution of crypto assets and their impact on tax and accounting.


Receive 1 hour of free CPE credit for participating in this live webcast.


Register here for Crypto Assets at the Tipping Point: What Do Accountants Need to Know?

We won't be offering a demo of the Ledgible platform, but if you're interested in getting ahead of the curve you can get your free trial of Ledgible Tax Pro here. You can also reach out to sales@verady.com with questions about any of the Ledgible Products, demonstrations, and information about the Ledgible Partner Program.

Also feel free to check out our series (co-championed with Andre Sterley) on CryptoTax: What Every Professional Ought to Know. 

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