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August 3, 2022

Gabriel Brin Joins Ledgible as VP of Tax and Accounting

Gabriel Brin has joined Ledgible as the new VP of Tax & Accounting. Gabriel joins Ledgible as the former Digital Asset Knowledge Leader from Crowe LLP, one of the nations largest accounting firms. Prior to this, Gabriel was a Senior Tax Associate at PwC.

Building upon this wealth of professional knowledge in the digital asset accounting space, Gabriel will help further direct the growth of the Ledgible Crypto Accounting Platform to better serve tax and accounting professionals. This hire underscores Ledgible's commitment to this space as well, further making Ledgible the stand-alone crypto tax solution for tax professionals and accountants seeking professional tools.

About Ledgible

Ledgible Crypto provides AICPA SOC assured tax reporting and portfolio tracking for crypto assets for professionals, enterprises, and consumers. The Ledgible Crypto Platform is the proven crypto asset solution for professionals with leading accounting firms and major crypto companies globally. Ledgible Crypto Tax Pro is used by thousands of firms to make tax reporting easy for their professionals and clients. For more information, visit ledgible.io.

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