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June 3, 2022

Holly Swirtz Joins Ledgible as New VP of Tax Sales & Partnerships

Holly Swirtz has joined Ledgible as the new VP of Tax Sales to accelerate further Ledgible's growth in the professional tax and accounting industry. Holly brings to the team 20-plus years of sales experience with a significant portion of that experience in the professional tax software market. Holly joins the team from Thomson Reuters, a leader in the professional tax software market and a strategic partner and investor of Ledgible in the professional tax software space.

She is looking to build upon her expertise in SaaS sales, contract and partner management, and cross-functional experience supporting sales organizations to grow Ledgible's customer success and sales offerings rapidly. If you are in the tax and accounting space and are interested in learning more about what Ledgible can offer you, your firm, or your business, you can reach out to holly here.

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