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July 15, 2022

Ledgible CEO, Kell Canty, Featured as Guest on Benzinga Crypto Podcast

Ledgible CEO Kell Canty was recently featured as a special guest on Benzinga Crypto's Web3 Anarchy podcast! Benzinga's Justin Roberti hosted the podcast where the two discussed various intracies and nuances about crypto as it fits into the traditional finance sector. If you're interested in watching the 30-minute episode, you can take a look below.

You can also watch the podcast on Twitter, seen below.

Stay tuned to the Ledgible news page to stay up to date on the latest crypto tax podcasts and media coverage of Ledgible.

About Ledgible

Ledgible Crypto provides AICPA SOC assured tax reporting and portfolio tracking for crypto assets for professionals, enterprises, and consumers. The Ledgible Crypto Platform is the proven crypto asset solution for professionals with leading accounting firms and major crypto companies globally. Ledgible Crypto Tax Pro is used by thousands of firms to make tax reporting easy for their professionals and clients. For more information, visit ledgible.io.

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