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September 20, 2023

Ledgible CEO Kell Canty Interviewed by Nasdaq

We are thrilled to announce Ledgible CEO Kell Canty's interview with Nasdaq, one of the world's leading financial technology platforms. In this enlightening discussion, Kell and Nasdaq's Jill Malondrino delve into the dynamic landscape of digital assets and the wave of new regulations sweeping the financial industry.

At Ledgible, we are passionate about staying at the forefront of the digital asset revolution. As the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces continue to evolve, it is crucial to keep pace with the ever-changing regulatory environment. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for digital asset management and financial reporting has led us to collaborate with industry giants like Nasdaq.

Thank you for being a part of the Ledgible community, where we're shaping the future of digital asset finance together.

Watch the full interview with Ledgible and Nasdaq on their site, here.

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