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June 6, 2023

Ledgible Joins AIMA to Bridge the Finance Gap for Crypto Tax and Accounting for 2,100 corporate members

Alternative Investments Fund Manager Members Over $2.5 Trillion in Hedge Fund and Private Credit Assets.

ATLANTA, May 25, 2023 -- Ledgible, the leading institutional and enterprise digital asset tax and accounting platform, has joined The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), the global representative of the alternative investment industry. With around 2,100 corporate members in over 60 countries, AIMA’s fund manager members collectively manage more than $2.5 trillion in hedge fund and private credit assets. Ledgible is committed to supporting and educating AIMA members on tax and accounting for crypto to support crypto asset management and adoption.

“Two of the biggest hurdles to widespread crypto adoption are how to account for digital assets and then how to manage any tax adjustments – and this is especially true for those who manage investments,” said Kell Canty, CEO of Ledgible. “Ledgible’s goal as a member of AIMA is to help educate its members on the benefits of crypto and work together on  solutions that easily manage, account for, and value their financial activity involving blockchain assets that integrates with mainstream platforms.”  

AIMA members are increasingly looking at how digital assets may be incorporated into existing and new investment strategies. Members and the broader investment management industry are also looking closely at the potential opportunities and economic cases for incorporating distributed ledger technologies into existing operational processes and how it may be used by markets, post-trade institutions, administrators, custodians, and other service providers to create cost-efficiencies, enhance transparency and reduce risk.

The Ledgible Crypto Tax and Accounting Platform for tax and accounting professionals, enterprises, and institutions supports integrations across major blockchains, cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and professional accounting tools. As the bridge between crypto assets and traditional financial accounting, Ledgible determines crypto tax liabilities and delivers that data to existing and novel TradFi accounting tools. The platform makes crypto data, Ledgible, across the entire crypto vertical, for institutions, enterprises, and large accounting firms.

About Ledgible Ledgible is an AICPA SOC 1 & 2 assured tax reporting and portfolio tracking platform for crypto assets for professionals, enterprises, and consumers. The Ledgible Crypto Platform is the proven crypto asset solution for tax and accounting professionals with leading accounting firms, institutions, and major crypto companies globally. Ledgible Crypto Tax Pro is used by thousands of firms to make tax reporting easy for their professionals and clients. For more information, visit ledgible.io.

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