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April 12, 2022

Ledgible VP of Strategy, Jeff Gapusan, to Moderate Panel on Crypto Tax & Law

Ledgible VP of Strategy, Jeff Gapusan is set to moderate a panel covering emergent tax & ownership issues with cryptocurrencies at an event hosted by Thomson Reuters on Thursday, April 14th.

You can find more about the event below, or by visiting the registration page here. The event will be in-person and virtual and is open to the press.

Manifest Destiny: Risk, Opportunity & Reward Around Digital Currencies

Apr 14 - 15, 2022

Few asset classes are as dynamic or compelling as digital currencies. At once revered and reviled in the court of public opinion, digital currencies balance undeniable promise with manifest concern over its transactional value and regulatory future in an era of aggressive legislation. What is one to make of swirling headwinds poised to redefine crypto markets? Will anticipated oversight bolster or derail palpable momentum heading into 2023?

Please join us for a two-day exploration of risk and reward for the global crypto community. Led by luminaries from corporate, legal, tax, and regulatory quarters, our program offers comprehensive guidance for casual observers and industry veterans interested in the future of finance.

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