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May 13, 2024

Ledgible VP Will Colement to Address Digital Asset Regulations at D.C. Blockchain Summit

We are pleased to announce that Ledgible's Vice President of Institutional Adoption, Will Colement, will be attending the D.C. Blockchain Summit this week, scheduled for May 15th, 2024. The summit, hosted in the heart of Washington D.C., serves as a pivotal platform for thought leaders, innovators, and policymakers to converge and discuss the future of blockchain technology and its regulatory landscape.

As the digital asset ecosystem continues to evolve rapidly, regulatory clarity and compliance frameworks are paramount for fostering trust and enabling widespread adoption. Ledgible, a leading provider of blockchain tax and accounting solutions, recognizes the significance of engaging with regulators and industry stakeholders to shape responsible and effective regulatory policies.

At the D.C. Blockchain Summit, Will Colement will participate in discussions with key regulators, policymakers, and industry experts to address crucial topics surrounding digital asset tax and accounting regulations. Leveraging his extensive experience in financial services and blockchain technology, Will will offer insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with navigating the complex regulatory environment.

Ledgible is committed to advancing the dialogue on regulatory compliance within the digital asset space, and Will's participation in the summit underscores our dedication to driving meaningful change. By collaborating with regulators and advocating for clear and practical regulatory frameworks, we aim to empower businesses and investors to confidently integrate digital assets into their operations and investment strategies.

For more information about the D.C. Blockchain Summit and to join the conversation, please visit the event website at dcblockchainsummit.com. Stay tuned for updates from Will Colement and the Ledgible team as we continue our efforts to shape the future of digital asset regulation.

Follow Ledgible on LinkedIn and Twitter for live updates and insights from the D.C. Blockchain Summit.

We look forward to engaging with fellow industry leaders and contributing to the advancement of regulatory clarity in the digital asset ecosystem.

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