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October 17, 2022

Ledgible's CEO, Kell Canty is speaking on a panel with Baker Tilly at SYNERGY2022

Ledgible CEO, Kell Canty, is set to speak on a panel with Baker Tilly covering "Cryptocurrency - Taxes and Technology" at SYNERGY2022 hosted by Thomson Reuters on Monday, November 14th. The event will be in-person and virtual and is open to the press.

The panel will discuss the impact of cryptocurrency on taxes and technology. Cryptocurrency has been on the rise in recent years, with more people using it to transact business. As its popularity increases, so does the need for clarity on how it should be treated for tax purposes. This panel will provide insights into the latest developments in this area.


In addition, the panel will explore the impact of technology on taxation. With technology becoming more sophisticated every day, the way we file taxes is also changing. Tax professionals must be aware of these changes to serve their clients best. This panel will provide an overview of the latest technological advances that are affecting taxation.

Attendees will gain valuable insights from this panel and will be able to ask questions about cryptocurrency and technology and how they impact taxes. If you are interested in attending this event, please visit the registration page here.

This year’s Corporate SYNERGY will welcome corporate legal, tax, and trade professionals from across the globe for the first time in person. Join your peers in learning how to navigate complexities in today’s ever-evolving regulatory landscape, network with other organizations facing similar challenges, and strengthen your partnerships for a successful future. As a content-driven technology company, Thomson Reuters is excited to bring together corporate professionals from legal, tax, and trade departments to hear from leading authorities on the issues of the day, showcase the Thomson Reuters product vision and our roadmaps, and share insights to empower corporate professionals to bridge the gap. Plus, the opportunity to earn more than 15 continuing education credits. We, together, can inform the way forward.

Register here for the event.

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