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May 21, 2024

Ledgible's Will Coleman Reports on the D.C. Blockchain Summit

 Ledgible's Will Coleman, Head of Institutional, had the privilege of attending the DC Blockchain Summit last week. The event was well attended and had a notably stronger-than-usual presence of governmental representation.

Aside from Commissioner Hester Peirce (SEC) and Commissioner Caroline Pham (CFTC) that event was attended by several US Senators and Congress members. As well as quite a few campaigning for those offices.

There was a clear tone change in the messaging of most officials. It has become clear that younger voters show a strong support for the new technologies, and it is impacting their voting choices. 

Where in the past the messaging was either cautious support or a discussion of the need for regulations, the tone was clearly more enthusiastic support and trying to convince the crowd that they “get it”.

On the back of the event, it's our hope that this change in apparent support is a direct result of bi-partisan grassroots support as more Americans of all ages become aware of and exposed to the space.

The Ledgible team continues to work with governing officials and leaders around the compliance infrastructure for digital assets.

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