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March 16, 2021

MNCPA partnership for bitcoin crypto tax with Ledgible

ATLANTAMarch 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Verady, maker of the Ledgible cryptocurrency tax and accounting platform, announces a partnership with the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants (MNCPA) by offering Ledgible Tax Pro to its members when working with cryptoassets. Ledgible Tax Pro will help MNCPA members file for clients that answer 'YES' to the IRS Virtual Currency question.

"The IRS estimates between 18 and 32 million crypto tax returns to be filed this year," said Kell Canty, CEO of Verady. "Ledgible Tax Pro is designed for bitcoin and crypto and enables CPA firms to efficiently report crypto tax and offer valuable advisory services to their crypto clients."

With more than 8,000 members, the MNCPA continually seeks out and works with partners in the tax and accounting industry to provide valuable resources to its members.

"We've heard from members that there's an explosive adoption of cryptocurrency among clients," said Stephanie Schmidt, the MNCPA's director of membership and marketing. "The challenge is helping CPAs and clients report the correct amount of bitcoin and crypto-related taxes. That's why we're excited to partner with Legible Tax Pro to simplify reporting for our members and their clients."

Ledgible Tax Pro produces all reporting formats that are directly importable to filing systems such as Intuit, Thomson Reuters and Wolters Kluwer. The platform features client management, collaboration driven workflow, team management, and is in use by accounting and tax professionals around the world.

Verady is offering MNCPA members free membership to the Ledgible Crypto Partner Program. Members can learn more and sign up at https://ledgible.io/minnesota-society-of-cpas/.

About the MNCPA
The Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants (MNCPA) serves the public interest by advancing the highest standards of ethics and practice within the CPA profession. The MNCPA delivers on that promise by offering extensive continuing professional education and resources; advocating for members and the public with regulatory agencies and boards; and mentoring and encouraging the CPAs and business leaders of tomorrow.

About Verady 
Verady provides AICPA-SOC assured tracking and reporting of cryptoasset activity. Through its Ledgible platform, the company delivers solutions for crypto Tax, Accounting and Confirmation. Verady knows traditional accounting systems, firms, and standards are currently lacking around cryptocurrencies. The Ledgible platform is the bridge between cryptoassets and traditional financial accounting.

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