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October 17, 2022

Ledgible Attends Money20/20 to Bring You the Latest in Crypto Tax & Accounting

Money20/20 is the world's leading conference for the global money ecosystem, with a focus on payments, FinTech, and financial services. The conference promises to offer world-class insight and networking opportunities, enabling customers to stay ahead of the curve. This year, Ledgible's CEO Kell Canty and VP of Strategy Jeff Gapusan will be in attendance, so be sure to swing by their booth to say hello!

The conference offers a unique opportunity for customers to learn about the latest trends and developments in the payments industry. Attendees can expect to hear from some of the world's top experts, as well as network with fellow professionals.


You can find more about the event below, or by visiting the registration page here.

Money20/20 is the world’s leading, premium content, sales, and networking platform for the global money ecosystem.

From in-depth analytics to inspirational speakers, our world-class insight and networking opportunities help our customers stay ahead – powering strategies and relationships and switching mindsets.

Money20/20 promises the clearest and most distinctive focus on what’s next across the world of Payments, FinTech, and Financial Services.

Be part of the global movement shaping the future of money.

Money20/20 is the only place where the entire community comes together for fintech’s biggest conversation. From global leaders to new challengers and from tech giants to fearless startups, Money20/20 is the place to be seen, be heard, and drive the future of fintech.

Register for the event here.

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