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June 18, 2021

Verady featured in Payments Journal recap of Bitcoin 2021

On June 4-5 the largest cryptocurrency conference ever happened, Bitcoin 2021 in Miami, FL. Verady's co-founder and CEO Kell Canty was there to represent our company and had the opportunity to interact with many other companies, leaders, and journalists in the crypto space, including Payments Journal

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Payments Journal just published their recap article from the conference and they featured Verady in said article. Here's what they had to say about us:

"One company that really stood out was a fintech called Verady. CEO Kell Canty described Verady as the last mile between Bitcoin and QuickBooks, and it seems to be helping CFOs book and recognize Bitcoin as a treasury asset. Bitcoin faces a number of challenges from CFOs because it’s taxed as property, it’s not considered a payment, which is completely different from how dollars are accounted. Verady serves to help these CFOs who are hesitant or having trouble integrating into the crypto space."

Be sure and read Payments Journal's full article here

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