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May 13, 2020

Ledgible Tax Selected By Storj

ATLANTA, May 13, 2020  -- Verady, the leading crypto-currency tax and accounting software company, today announced its Ledgible Tax solution is now available for employees at Storj Labs, an open source decentralized cloud storage platform. Storj began offering its tokens as part of compensation in early 2019 and many of Storj’s team members opt to take a portion of their  salary and bonuses in STORJ tokens. With Ledgible Tax, Storj employees have access to an intuitive platform designed specifically for cryptocurrency, making tax reporting a simple process.

“At Storj we highly value our team members and always strive to support them, particularly in these difficult times. As team members opt to be compensated with STORJ tokens, we wanted to offer them a solution to minimize complexity and make tax reporting straightforward so they have one less thing to worry about,” said Matthew May, CFO with Storj. “We chose Verady’s Ledgible Tax for its ability to simplify the complexity of crypto and enable each employee to easily report their transactions.”

“The new required IRS question around Virtual Currency has highlighted the need for reporting on cryptocurrencies and Verady is providing the needed financial reporting tool," said Kell Canty, CEO of Verady. “Legible Tax saves time, reduces complexity and ensures accuracy.”

World-wide, financial institutions, corporations and accounting firms use the Ledgible platform to manage billions of dollars of crypto assets. With the click of a button, Ledgible Tax organizes capital gains and losses, transaction details and exchange orders to create reports for individuals as well as tax and accounting professionals with full data auditability.



Professionals can try Ledgible Tax free for 30 days to see utilize supported wallets, import information from various exchanges, and test-drive the best-in-class client management tool that helps tax and accounting professionals keep track of and communicate with clients easily.

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