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October 19, 2022

Partnerships, Hacks, & Investigations - From the Cryptoverse Ep. 1

Join Ledgible VP of Marketing Trevor English and Sr. Marketing Manger Jacques Potts as they dig into the latest news surrounding crypto.

The google & coinbase partnership

Google and Coinbase recently announced a partnership around digital asset payments, potentially bringing the WEB2 giant of Google into the forefront of the Web3 space.

Meta & Microsoft partnership

Meta and Microsoft are partnering together to do something none of us asked for - they're bringing Microsoft teams to the metaverse! Now, as you're playing your favorite VR game, your manager will pop in and ping you about work - all in the metaverse of course.

$718 million across 11 different DeFi protocols have been hacked so far this month

2022 has been a killer year for crypto hacks, with nearly 1 billion dollars stolen in just October along. The year set a new record for crypto and DeFi hacks in the space - but what does this meen for the future of the industry?

SEC investigates yuga labs

The Securities and Exchange commission is investing Yuga Labs, the company being Bored Ape Yacht Club and some of the largest NFT projects in existence. Of note, Yuga labs isn't currently under investigation, rather the SEC seems to be investigating them to discover more data around potential regulation of NFTs in the future.

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