Simple Pricing, Maximum Value

The Ledgible Crypto Tax & Accounting Platform provides clear upfront pricing structures for each application, detailed below. Our tax platform has straightforward base pricing with clearly defined transaction tiers. For Enterprise Accounting customers, expected usage will dictate monthly costs, but our support team will work with you to meet your specific crypto accounting needs.
Professional & Consumer Tax
Starting at $49.00
Enterprise Accounting
Custom Pricing

Tax Professionals

Ledgible Crypto Tax Pro is free for Tax Professionals to use. Clients are charged directly on a per client basis. Customized pricing and billing structures are also available for your specific needs.


Ledgible Crypto Tax for consumers offers easy and up front pricing. Our model scales with the number of transactions and transaction costs are cumulative, so you only pay for what you need.

Example 1
High Volume
- 4200 transactions / month

- 10 wallets

- 4 exchange connections

- 5 users

- Connection to QuickBooks Online
Higher Price
Crypto accounting isn't one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to enterprise and institutional operations. Get in touch to determine the features that fit your needs. Account costs vary based on:
Account Users
Exchange Connections
Transaction Volume
General Ledger Integrations
Not sure what you need? Start your free trial today and find out how Ledgible can work for you!
Example 2
Low Volume
- 250 transactions / month

- 2 wallets

- 5 exchange connections

- 3 users

- No external integration
Lower Price

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