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January 23, 2022

The Best Enterprise Cryptocurrency Tax & Accounting Solution

The Ledgible Crypto Enterprise Accounting application has been built from the ground up to streamline your business's cryptocurrency and digital asset operations. We have a team of cryptocurrency tax and accounting experts behind the scenes that consistently work to upgrade our industry-leading enterprise cryptocurrency tax and accounting software.

Our comprehensive cryptocurrency accounting suite has been built on the expertise and feedback of industry leaders. We are constantly adding features to improve our user experience and help our customers along their accounting journey in the cryptocurrency world. If you're interested in exploring what the Ledgible Platform can do for you, we have a list of key features that are included with our tools below.

On-Demand Reporting

Our on-demand reporting capabilities have a wide range of useful features. Like:

  • Capital Gains & Losses - Ledgible's secure SOC 1 & 2 audited platform automatically calculates capital gains and losses for uses, without having to hassle with the complexities of cryptocurrency data. You can aggregate portfolio gains and losses based on on-chain activity, normalized to any supported fiat currency
  • Transaction Downloads - if you need to dig into specific accounting scenarios for certain transactions, you can. We offer on-chain cryptocurrency transactions filtered by wallet, asset, and date.
  • OFX Reports - OFX file containing transaction data for import to GL systems including QuickBooks and Xero
  • Exchange Orders -  We can provide detailed records of asset movement, valuation, and positions on any supported exchange
  • Wallet Balances - Day-by-day historical changes to wallet balances and asset valuation

Advanced Roles & Permissions

Ledgible allows you to add additional users to your account to help monitor your digital asset data. A user is added with a permission level that determines what they can access along with edit. Because Ledgible was built as an enterprise and professional-first cryptocurrency tax and accounting solution, we know what's needed to properly manage accounting and tax procedures. Rarely is there just one accounting professional working on the numbers and thanks to Ledgible's industry-leading user management dashboard, you don't have to worry about making sure everyone has access to the best enterprise cryptocurrency tools.

As of Date Analysis

Ledgible also allows you and your accounting team to monitor your digital asset data over time through our asset table. You can select from any previous or current date to get accurate pricing information for all assets on the specified date.

Counter-Party Mapping

Finally, Ledgible allows you to create contacts for blockchain addresses that you exchange with frequently. By identifying these addresses you can better identify reoccurring transactions.

Thanks to our enterprise solutions integrating automatically with QuickBooks and most other leading tax and accounting tools, you don't have to worry about your cryptocurrency data existing outside the bubble of your more traditional financial data.

Hopefully, this short post has given you enough ammunition to consider Ledgible as your Enterprise cryptocurrency tax and accounting solution of choice.

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