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November 5, 2022

Visions of DeFi, NFTs, and the Adoption of Crypto - From the Cryptoverse Ep. 3

Join Ledgible VP of Marketing Trevor English and Sr. Marketing Manger Jacques Potts as they dig into the latest news surrounding crypto.

Host background in the Crypto Space

Jacques Potts and Trevor English, hosts of the From the Cryptoverse podcast, have been involved in the cryptocurrency space for several years. Jacques started his crypto journey 3 years ago by interning for the Greenwood Project, which introduced him to the industry and gave him financial literacy. Prior to working at Ledgible, Jacques was the Marketing Manager for Project Serum. Trevor English started his crypto journey by trading Crypto and his natural interest in creativity helped him go from an engineering background to marketing in Crypto. They decided to start a podcast to share their knowledge with others and help spread awareness about this exciting new industry.

Shares what they feel is next for Crypto as a whole

Jacques and Trevor, share their thoughts on what is next for cryptocurrency as a whole. They mention that leading and lagging indicators of asset class adoption include things such as the integration of NFTs into Real Estate with House deeds and the authentication of items on the blockchain such as shoes and apparel. They explain that Decentralization Finance is a term for financial products that are created and executed through decentralized applications and protocols. This new category of finance sits in between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, offering benefits to both.

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