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October 20, 2022

Web 3: The Internet of Things

You might be thinking, "I thought we were already on the internet? Isn't that web 2.0?" Well, you're not wrong. We are on the internet, but web 3.0 is coming, and it's going to change everything. So what is web3? To put it simply, web3 is the next stage of internet development, where the internet becomes a more interactive and user-centered platform.


Think about it this way: right now, we use the internet mostly for one-way communication. We read articles, watch videos, and consume content that someone else has created. There is some interaction, sure—we can leave comments or like and share posts—but for the most part, we are passive users of the internet. With web3, that all changes.

Web3 will be built on a decentralized network, which means that there is no one central authority controlling the flow of information. This paves the way for a more open and accessible internet, where anyone can contribute and share content. This also makes web3 more secure and private, since there is no centralized server that hackers can target. In other words, web3 is the internet how it was originally envisioned—a space for everyone to freely interact and exchange information.

So when will this brave new world of web3 arrive? That's still to be determined. But with major tech companies like Microsoft and Google investing in research and development for this new platform, it's only a matter of time until web3 becomes a reality.

Web3 is coming—and it's going to change everything we know about the internet. With its decentralized platform and emphasis on user interaction, web3 has the potential to bring about a more open and accessible internet for everyone. It's an exciting time to be alive, and we can't wait to see what web3 has in store for us!

Jacques Potts - Sr. Marketing Manager at Ledgible and experienced financial author, marketer, and crypto expert. His work has been featured on The Street, Project Serum, FirstTrade, and Invstr.
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