What is the Current Price of Shiba Inu?

August 3, 2022
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About Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a cryptocurrency that was created with the Dogecoin community in mind. It is a fork of Dogecoin and shares many of the same attributes. However, there are some key differences between the two coins. Shiba Inu has a much faster block time than Dogecoin. Each block on the Shiba Inu blockchain is mined in only 1 minute. This is compared to Dogecoin's block time of 1 minute.

Shiba Inu was created with the intention of being a fun and friendly cryptocurrency. The Shiba Inu team wants to create a community-driven coin that is easy for people to use. The team has also created a number of resources to help people get started with the coin. These include a beginners guide, a video tutorial, and an FAQ section.

Recent SHIB activity

Recent notable events of Shiba Inu coin include reaching a market capitalization of $1 billion on May 8th, 2021 and being listed on the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Currently, at the time of writing, there are 549,063 billion SHIB in circulation.

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