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November 28, 2022

Genesis and Commodities, What Should we do? - From the Cryptoverse Ep. 4

Join Ledgible VP of Marketing Trevor English and Sr. Marketing Manger Jacques Potts as they dig into the latest news surrounding crypto.


Impact of FTX on Genesis

In this episode of From the Cryptoverse, Trevor English and Jacques Potts discuss the impact of FTX on Genesis. Crypto Contagion Is Spreading, Fast. The collapse of FTX has set off a chain reaction that threatens to topple one of crypto’s oldest and most respected institutions. Unlike FTX, which focused on bringing everyday people into the crypto world, Genesis works with large institutional investors, the type that has more influence on the financial system.


How crypto should potentially be classified - commodities or securities?

Next, they move on to a discussion about how crypto should be classified. Should crypto be classified as commodities or securities? There are pros and cons to both classification options. Commodities tend to be less regulated than securities, which could be seen as a good thing by some members of the crypto community who value decentralization. On the other hand, securities are typically seen as more stable investments, which could attract more traditional investors to the space. What do Trevor and Jacques think? You'll have to tune in to find out!

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