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Secure and Automated DIY
Crypto Tracking & Tax Reporting

Filing your own taxes? Quickly connect your wallets, exchanges, and more – then Ledgible Crypto Tax can calculate your crypto tax burden, provide current year planning, and prepare reports for your tax preparer or preferred tax software. The Ledgible platform can be used at no charge to track your holdings throughout the year.
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crypto tax tracking software
Crypto Tax Tracking Software Done Right
Input data sources and let Ledgible Crypto Tax handle the rest. Get capital gain/loss insight across your entire portfolio and review your data on a transactional level to ensure you don’t overpay.

Ledgible ensures that your tax burden is minimized, even in technically complex scenarios like airdrops, hard forks, or NFTs. No more manually compiling crypto data come tax filing season.
Advanced Reporting Helps
You File with Confidence
Ledgible Crypto Tax provides a wide range of reports to use with your tax preparer, tax prep software (like TurboTax or TaxAct), or general record-keeping for crypto tracking purposes.
Ledgible’s advanced on-chain data aggregation and independently audited software stack make it the solution of choice for crypto holders, investors, new users, professionals, and early adopters. Whether you get 1099s from your exchanges or trade on the newest platforms – even if you trade NFTs and are heavily involved in DeFi – Ledgible can help make crypto, legible.
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IRS Form 8949
A standard 8949 tax from to be included in your 1040 submission.
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TurboTax Import
A custom export file that can be imported into TurboTax, allowing the DIY software to handle virtual currency.
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Tax Act Import
A custom export file that can be imported into TaxAct software.
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Transaction Export
Export a record of on-chain cryptocurrency transactions and exchange orders in a uniform format.
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Income Export
Export income transaction records from all of your sources.
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Gift Export
Export on-chain cryptocurrency transactions and exchange orders that have been classified as gifts.

Simple Pricing,
Advanced Capabilities

crypto tax tracking software
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crypto tax tracking software
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crypto tax tracking software
Current Year Planning
& Crypto Portfolio Dashboard

Current Year Tax Planning & Cryptocurrency tracking allows you to monitor your crypto activity during the year and provides you with your tax exposure based on asset holdings and disposals. Easily track all of your crypto holdings in one place, like holding from Binance, Coinbase, Crypto.com and more.

Ledgible Crypto gives you a “source of truth” for your crypto investments and for crypto tax prep. Crypto tracking with Ledgible is 100% free throughout the year - only pay for reports come tax season.

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Transaction Matching
& Fee Accounting

Most crypto tax products don’t go far enough when aggregating disparate crypto transaction data.

Ledgible’s unique on-chain capabilities allow you to automatically trace when holdings move between crypto wallets and exchanges with cost-basis visibility. Additionally, you can account for fees ensuring maximum accuracy.

We care about your data
At Ledgible, we understand the importance of security, which is why we've undertaken and completed the process of having our industry-leading cryptocurrency tax and accounting tools AICPA SOC 1 & 2 Type 2 certified. We firmly believe that if you want to build the best tools for the tax and accounting space, especially tools that interface with the new hyper-secure world of crypto, you have to put data security and privacy at the forefront of your product development.
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Industry leading support for every crypto tax scenario

Ledgible maintains an industry leading knowledge base that walks you through every intricate scenario you might encounter in the crypto tax process. If we don’t have an article on our knowledge base for your exact question, we have knowledgeable support staff available 24/7 who work with users to solve any challenge they face.

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