Ledgible Audit

Verady brings the strongest assurance around the controls, procedures, and processes implemented within our cryptocurrency data processes. To certify that assurance, we have completed an AICPA accredited System and Organization Controls (SOC) audit for our organization.

Audit Services

Historical Querying

Full historical querying capability for the following blockchains and crypto-asset classes:

Ownership and Message Signing

Message Signing and Ownership Verification services for the following blockchains and crypto-asset classes:

Segwit Address Verifcation

Full support for Segwit addresses in all of our audit tools and processes

Historical Balance and Activity

Detailed Historical Balance and Activity reporting capabilities for all audit data

The Ledgible platform is equipped to handle even the most detailed use cases for blockchain assets. Not sure if your audit requirements fall under our umbrella? Reach out and we will be happy to see how we can accommodate your request

Audit-Specific Support

Below is the subset of our supported integrations that are fully integrated into our Audit services. Don't see an integration you need for your audit? Let us know.