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October 6, 2020

Kell Canty at the 2020 Blockchain Accounting Symposium

Verady CEO and Co-founder Kell Canty sat on a panel alongside Coinbase Chief Accounting Officer, Jennifer Jones, to speak on the Payments Use Case Panel at the AICPA’s 2020 Blockchain Accounting Symposium. The annual symposium hosted by AICPA and CPA.com brings together the accounting professions most esteemed professionals and the most forward thinkers in the virtual currency space. The duo spoke on use cases for digital currency, as well as responsible accounting for those use cases for professionals who have clients with digital holdings.

Forward-thinking Canty offered his expertise and insight in accounting and crypto by partnering with industry leaders to provide use cases for crypto and responsible accounting software for tax and accounting professionals who, like many, have an increasing number of clients disclosing theidigital currencies. 

"It was an honor to discuss the future of blockchain and virtual currencies at this year's Symposium," says Canty. “We are fortunate to have the insight of so many valued perspectives so that we can all benefit from their diverse areas of expertise and combined years of knowledge."

Canty has also taken the initiative to have crypto tax, accounting, and confirmation provider Verady launch a blog series for professionals titled: Taxable Crypto Events Professionals Ought to Know, in light of recent IRS guidance and preparation for the upcoming tax season.

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